Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jack O Turkey Application & Info

Hello all!

Welcome to a wonderful new hunt called "The Jack O Turkey Hunt' we are very happy to invite you to be a vendor...
There are 4 people that are organizing this hunt Margo Imako, Sarahlin Constatine, Shamrawk Bailly, Maryjane Candour..
The Jack O Turkey Hunt. Application Deadline is Sept. 15th
**Incomplete apps will be deleted, sorry.

When or if your excepted in this hunt you will be given a package with the LM for the next location... your store number... your thing to put your gift in... your sign hunters sign for the hunt with starting point... if you have any issues with your package all 4 owners will have the package and list so they will be able to give to you

check out our blog for further info as well...
Your Name:

Store name:

Contact Person if theres a problem with your item or store:



Send apps to:
MaryJane Candour

**rename this notecard "Jack O Turkey - (your name)" before sending, ty

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