Friday, September 18, 2009

Store List & Hints

2. Posies Main Store <3
3. Icarus Home and Lighting
Hint: Think Red.
4. *DWB* Designs
Hint: Let me think on it.
Hint: This pumpkin is STACKED.
6. Wilson's Designs for men
Hint: Look for the 5 pc suit. There's a pumpkin to loot!
7. Sky Home Oase
Hint: Now you can rent me.
8. Essential Souls Studio n Poses
Hint: Look at me! I can see "Urban Belts".
9. KRV Designs
10. Alexohol Fashion
Hint: Signs, signs, everywhere signs.
11. FlufferNutterz
Hint: I'm the queen.
12. Frankenlust Holiday Shoppe
Hint: This pumpkin likes hanging out with Elvis.
13. [BedlaM] inc
Hint: Lucky punk-in.
14. TempT
Hint: Sexy in silks or Alice in wonderland, Oh what will I be with Halloween so close at hand!
15. MuthaF%&kin Princess
16. Sinuous Shapes
17. Rozza's Roze
Hint: "As the leaves are falling, I sit among the giants and discuss life, love and happiness."
18. #Before Sleep#
Hint: Like a kitten up a tree.
19. Touch of Sun
Hint: "witch" way to the hunts?
20. Specials Jewell's Fine Art
Hint: Ah-Choo!! Dust Bunnies and Lint!!
21. Aftershocks Image Consulting
Hint: Do you even know what I do here?
22. !Paw2Paw!
Hint: Cats are lazy.
23. FS Jewelry
Hint: Jack - o lantern can't break your bones.. But you will find him hiding where it also means "stone".
24. Halloween Dreams Holiday Emporium
25. Evaki
Hint: I am pimpin with style with the guys.
26. The Delectable Eclectible
Hint: Why are you worried about minutia?
27. -Houses for You-
28. Dead Bunny
Hint: That sneaky pumpkin must have used a ladder to get up there
29. Simply Shelby
Hint: Usually you find a pearl...
30. Mi Pop
Hint: Near the brew.
31. Prims 4 U
32. *Hard Core*
33. Second Look Art & Photo Studios
Hint: You'd better take cover, but irony can be so cruel.
34. Papillon's
Hint: Look in the corner!
35. Michigans Shack
36. Wildz Creations
Hint: Little Jack o Turkey sat in the Corner.
37. SteamBound
Hint: Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble, I'm where the good stuff's cookin' up!
38. Intimidation Animation
Hint: Careful where you step..and no...I'm not under the stairs.
39. *ICED*
Hint: Man, those other guys make me feel small!
40. Rawkin Gestures & OMG Weapons
Hint: Just look around.
41. Dianna's Revenge
Hint: So easy to find just open your eyes and look within.
42. sonToria
Hint: Pay me for a SEAT.
43. Prim & Pixel Paradise
Hint: It's too chilly for surfing this time of year.
44. .:TrOuBlEd ReBeL:.
45. C.N.I. Crymzon Nekohl Inc
Hint: He stares at the fence.
Hint: Don't dream too hard; your dreams are china in your hands...
47. Fire GOOD!!!
Hint: Out of this world.
48. Delicious
Hint: Everyone loves a new release, but sometimes it's what comes after it that you are looking for.
49. GR!
50. :: LiQUiFiEd ::
51. The Hedge Witch
Hint: I am the elder.
52. Dragonlady Designs
Hint: Vanessa loves Turkey & Pumpkins. Doesn't she have pretty shoes?
53. Maximum Toys Furniture Shop
Hint: Jack loves a bargain.
54. Passionate Neko
55. Sirens Song
56. *Fairy Pearls* design
Hint: Waterfalls are sooo mystical.
57. Clothes Culture
58. Sandzabar Store
59. Saris Creations
Hint: Come to shop, maybe down in your head :))) and look in the carven...
60. Xanthus's Emporium
Hint: 2 tables; 4 pictures frames; the ghost searches in cicles----all along it sits so close as it passes.
61. Clover
62. !Helcopter Laval
63. Sweet
64. Peer Style
65. LoveKnot Weddings
Hint: Walk through the door and explore.
66. Salamander Airways
Hint: Midnight is a great time.
67. Framed
Hint: The boob tube is flat.
68. Nishi Designs,Und. Art
69. T.S.D Virtual Outfitters
70. {Truth Hurts}
71. DW Designs
Hint: Look at the shelf.
72. Corner of Revolving Time
Hint: Wonder up times two find the tiny tea party and WOO HOO.
73. Bethany's Boutique
74. Filthy Glitter
Hint: Somebody get this plant off of me!
75. D&V Creations
Hint: Dont you just love antiques?
76. Aster Builts, Wedding Invites
Hint: I like weddings and I like Halloween, how about a halloween wedding? can you see me?
77. Ameri's Designs
78. Ruth's Creations
Hint: I think I'll eat some candy jewelry while I hide.
79. Lemania Indigo Designs
80. Sexy Slutz
Hint: Your Pumpkin lies
Away from Spies
Hid from witches prying eyes.
If Pumpkin gifts you want seek
The bargains you will need to tweak.
82. McBride Fashion Outlet
83. VM Details & Designs
84. Holiday Bliss
Hint: Have you join many update groups today?
85. Studio Nails
Hint: Nails nails and more nails, but can you find endless selection with nails?
86. AmberMyst Botanical Designs
87. Smile's Beach Hut & Music
88. Halloween By Pondlife
Hint: Follow the ghostly steps to a cursed pumpkin and look near it.
89. Shelley's Shop
Hint: Look In Halloween Section.
90. The Core
91. Hidden Treasures of Dragon
Hint: Let's take a ride.
92. Lok's Low Prim Furniture
Hint: Take a look at what's *new*
93. Vannilla Gestures
Hint: One can always find a cornucopia of happiness.
94. Ac Designs
95. Petunia
Hint: "Get a leg up on Halloween."
96. Cheeky Lemon
Hint: We eat bamboo.
97. [DC] Dangerous Cinsations
Hint: It's dangerous... and not just the 8-legged variety ;)
98. P A S A R E L L A
Hint: Come inside the store and take a sit for a break.
99. Souzou Eien
Hint: Climb to the top and turn around!
100. Little Tasta
Hint: "Just ****e, spin that record babe."
101. Jeaniesing's Things
Hint: The pumpkin is visible from the ground floor, while looking up.
102. Aussie Ink
103. D.H. Customs
104. ~Lantian~
105. Silk Dreams Fashions
Hint: If you listen closely, Venus will show you where you can find the gift. She knows the area intimately.
106. Kastle Rock Couture
Hint: Some higher-ups never learn to properly supervise. This pumpkin, however, keeps a close eye on our rowdy pirate!
107. A Touch of Ireland
Hint: Sit a spell with Miss Scarlet...shine a little light on the subject :)
108. Iggy's Soundz
109. Starlight Wishes
110. Coull Creations
111. Hearth & Home
Hint: Oh! I'm happy here! It is warm and there are lots of round things like me! I guess you could say I'm In the Round!
112. A New You Boutique
Hint: Her Brew contains more than Eye of Newt.
113. Bella's
Hint: I may be small, but on the bale I sit tall.
114. SHADE Designs
Hint: The Skulls hold many secrets...
115. Drakke Designs
Hint: No Bones About it!
116. Totally Random
Hint: Im sure by now your feet are tired. So slip THESE off and have a rest!!
117. Glitter
118. Secret Oktober
119. A.P. Inc. - Punkass Clothing & Pleides Design
120. Ye Olde Pirate Shoppe
121. Jade's Jestures at Halloween Town
122. Cosmo Chic

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jack O Turkey Application & Info

Hello all!

Welcome to a wonderful new hunt called "The Jack O Turkey Hunt' we are very happy to invite you to be a vendor...
There are 4 people that are organizing this hunt Margo Imako, Sarahlin Constatine, Shamrawk Bailly, Maryjane Candour..
The Jack O Turkey Hunt. Application Deadline is Sept. 15th
**Incomplete apps will be deleted, sorry.

When or if your excepted in this hunt you will be given a package with the LM for the next location... your store number... your thing to put your gift in... your sign hunters sign for the hunt with starting point... if you have any issues with your package all 4 owners will have the package and list so they will be able to give to you

check out our blog for further info as well...
Your Name:

Store name:

Contact Person if theres a problem with your item or store:



Send apps to:
MaryJane Candour

**rename this notecard "Jack O Turkey - (your name)" before sending, ty